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Artemis Black

Post by Artemis Black on Tue May 26, 2015 9:09 pm

Artemis Black

Full Name: Artemis Rose Black
AKA: Fury
Age: Looks 20. Is a little over 100 years old.
Nationality: American.
Sexuality: Straight

Relatives: Everyone is dead..
Loyalties: Heroes

Character History: Artemis was born before the 40s (before the war) with a few brothers and the only girl her age, not related, was called Arlene Proctor. They turned out to have vampirisim together and that was the reason for their bonding, along with the urge to fight. They danced and acted like ladies but the other times, they trained for war. Later, when they were perfected and like weapons, they joined the army and at the end, pretended to be dead to travel. They split off fifty years ago and Artemis now travels around America doing assassin work.

Personality: Artemis is a gentle person...when she wants to be. She is able to switch from innocent and angelic to deadly and sexy; Exactly what she was taught to be. Her face is inviting, her pale blue eyes even more so and this is how to entrances her victims. She is often perceived as mouthy and insane when she's fighting but that only amuses her more when she can see her opponent is clearly frustrated. Other than this, she's manipulative and calculated.

Face Claim: Nina Dobrev
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Golden - turn reddish in vampire mode and when using her abilities
Build: Muscular, slim and tall.
Style: Military styled, 40s dresses, leather shorts and tank tops, leather jackets, combat botos.

Powers/Abilities/Species: Vampirism, Umbrakinesis, Healing Factor, Empath- is not a mutant power. Its after years of skill in telling how people are. She's basically a human lie detector.
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